When first started setting ourselves as an excursion company after almost 15years work experience, it was the time when nothing creative was happening at that time in tourism, we soon realised, that’s as always our passion was there to do more creative to bring our own products and more challenges, we decided our strength in our regions Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh for promoting authentic life style, off beat paths, soft adventures, bringing cycling with mix of culture, offbeat paths stays and wellness as our core products, way of life was by in a way adopting village to work together with locals, other than just monumental visits, in a way to create own destinations was in mind as niche… Which later turned into sustainable work and at another wildlife locations, Eco tourism and after establishing ourselves ready to represent our own created destinations, then we went overseas to EXPLORE the market.. and look for ventures to work with us as specialised in our product range.

Foreign Tour Operators interested in working with us...

Since primary objective was to be creative and being specialised DMC in our region was completed, yet we were not very eager to make a big list of clients and were aiming to work directly with FTO’s in a big way, with an ideology of being the true partner we explained our new concept and proposed accordingly, strategy was to tap into the niche segments and move away from mass tourism…

It went as planned

With quite a few FTO’s it worked as we were able to match the authentic requirements by maintaining commitment, we built partnerships with certain FTO’s who still wishto go with us… Mutually beneficial associationshave allowed both to have confidence and we make sure always to maintain same level, dedicated togive FTOs what they’ve asked for.


We have a wonderfully trained and passionate team, well experienced and almost all our colleagues started here with us, also we count our suppliers and hotels with whom we work as our team members, to be close associated with all the logistics components makes our tours possible without any communication gap. Same as many of our FTO’s started promoting India with us and our team only developed the required products as per their working and their esteem client’ request..
The combination of experience and unconventional ideas from our team members, worked well with the niche market we are in to and driven to right direction.
Our DNA is based on our core team values that are brought into the word intimate MRI: Motivation, Responsibility, improvement.

Asia experience, a mark amongst massive competition

We work with sustainable ideology, if you need a standard tour or a tour with brochure, we still make it upgraded with the value additions. Our motto is to design a unique and memorable moments for the traveller – not just a tour.  Specialisation in region and product update has always been our passion.

Our sustainable work, in Product development

We are the company who started our first effort toward the sustainability of traditional lifestyle in eastern Rajasthan region by exploring the area which was almost unknown. With our efforts, the place was converted into a happening and interesting place for travellers by introducing interactive activities with locals. When we found a two hundred year building used a temple before, in a ruined stage, we took it as responsibility for sustaining the heritage of village and made it a common place for the village children for the fun activities and library for elderly people, renovated and made an off the beat path… visit to a special village is also an effort to develop an interactive tour between guest and host and having a first-hand experience of an authentic lifestyle of villagers other than visiting the normal tourist paths and monuments.
Likewise a few of the experiences created are original, exclusive and rich in culture, where some villagers, you meet on your trip haven’t even interacted with overseas travellers before.
In addition to our own brand of accommodations, we are proud to have inspired many small families to create home stays units at houses, with character and best of service, in an effort to be integrated into our exclusive Interactive experiences.