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Travel Tales

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Blue City Jodhpur


‘Zigzag roads from every direction take you 125 metres up to Mehrangarh Fort for gorgeous views overlooking the brilliant blue city of Jodhpur. The museum in the fort includes a collection of costumes and miniature paintings, and love the intricate carvings and the decorated period rooms, mixing Indian style over the centuries with relics from all over the world.
Get out of the midday sun with a stop at Shri Mishrilal hotel for refreshments. This little place – which is actually a restaurant, rather than a hotel, despite the name – is famous for its makhaniya lassi – a fragrant, tangy, rich and refreshing drink made from buttermilk, nuts, saffron, cardamom, fragrant oils and topped up with an extra serving of whipped butter. A kachori – a fried snack filled with chilli-spiced mung beans, which is more popular than a samosa in the Rajasthan area – makes the perfect supplement

Puppet Making


One finds its reference in Rajasthani folk tales, ballads and sometimes even in folk songs. Similar puppets which are rod-puppets, are also found in west Bengal. But it is truly fromrajasthan’s amazing kathputlitradition which made India one of the first countries to invent its traditional puppetry.
It is believed that somewhere 1500 years ago, tribal Rajasthani Bhat community started the use of Kathputli as string marionette art and it is in their love for tradition that art of Kathputli survived the test of time. Tribes of Rajasthan have been performing this art from the ancient times and it has become an eternal part of Rajasthani culture and tradition. No village fair, no religious festival and no social gathering in Rajasthan were completed without the Kathputli  show. Tradition of Kathputli is based on folk tales and stories. Scholars believe that folk tales convey the lifestyle of ancient Rajasthani tribal people and Kathputli art might have originated from present day Nagaur and surrounding areas.

Last Ritual


When you step off a wooden boat onto the banks of the burning ghat in the oldest city of India and you knit through a jumble of funeral pyres mocking, scorching, and spitting orange coals into an dark night and you feel the bang of bells vibrating inside your chest and a wave of oven-like heat consuming everything in its reach, you realize how detached you truly are from the ritual of death.
The burning ghat in Varanasi, India’s oldest city, glows as burning pyres continue throughout the night.
when one step on Varanasi’s famous cremation ghat, which runs 24/7, burning hundreds of bodies a day in plain sight, it begun how physically distant most of us are from the departed. In the West, the dead are typically hidden—taken away—either to be beautified for a funeral or to be cremated, depending on beliefs. Either way, bodies are rarely seen again. Some might argue it is civilized, cleaner, or perhaps just emotionally easier. Or maybe it is the modern world’s subtle way of hiding from the inevitable.

Holy Dip

River Ganga

Indians are religious and God fearing people. We in our normal routine life engage in lot of religious act like visiting the temple, feeding the cow or watering the holy Tulsi (Basil) plant. Apart from upholding the Indian tradition, our piety could be love towards God, fear, a mix of both or ways of creating bond with almighty God or simply a way of communication with Him. While there are varied religious activities which Indians indulge in, perhaps the one considered most holy and sacred is taking a dip in the waters of holy rivers. We believe that taking a dip in the sacred rivers would free our souls from the accumulated sins and can release us from the wrench of life.