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A man from sanjot nagar village in kutch belonging to the weaving community of Venkar, showcasing the traditional work of weaving. They make shawls and stoles from local sheep wool and marino using natural colours to dye, giving the fabric an earthy and fresh look.

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The famous festival of colors “holi”, being celebrated at Govind Dev Ji temple in Jaipur,  Rajasthan. People from all age groups come together to play holi in the temple. The entire place can be seen drenched in the hues of many vibrant colours on the festive day.

A women from Mehgwal community if leather workers wearing her traditional clothes and heavy white bangles called ‘chudha’, giving bath to her child in a small tub with a motherly touch.

Local tempo loaded with the colourful textile materials, transporting the fabrics from a factory to the city designing houses. These transports are mostly used for carrying the goods for the domestic markets through the roads

A picture from a local school with merry children sitting together in the ground.

 In spite of their hard circumstances and poor backgrounds they come to attend the classes with enthusiasm and positivity.

A local shop in a tribal market near Jambughoda selling traditional and cultural jewellery to the visitors. Such shops keep the shopping streets lively and appealing. These shops also show wide varieties of different tribal cultures in the interesting weekly hart which takes place.

A picture from the farm of a  Rathwa tribe family in Gujarat. Visiting these farms and learning about the interesting life style of people living there is a wonderful experience.

The women from nomadic families who are daily wages workers, having a small break in between the working hours. It is very surprising and interesting to watch these women work with their traditional attire and heavy bangles on their wrists owing to their traditional importance.

A scene from fair perfectly reflecting the Indian slogan of “university in diversity “.

People of different cultural backgrounds, that is men and women from Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujarat, Assam performing their traditional daces and celebrating and enjoying the fair together.

After a village jeep safari, a relaxing and calming view of sunset at a lake side in Deogarh.

A replica of Indian cultural wear, a Saree, which is worn by most of the married women. Sarees often beautify a woman culturally and traditionaly linking the woman to their habitual roots. The Indian women love to wear sarees of vast varieties and vibrant colours.

A friendly experience of having a meal at Garh Himmat Singh village with the family members of the Homestay facilities. Such moments are very interesting and interacting providing a homely atmosphere.